PM LaRose

The main characters in Beers' world:

  • James A. "Beers" Biersovich--the hero of the series. Just turned 40, abandoned his sportswriting gig at the Minnesota Herald and is trying to reinvent himself as head of store security for La Scala, Minneapolis. His postage-stamp-size office is on the 9th floor, down the hall from the executive suite. Answers to the vice president for facilities, Jane Mertin.
  • Lena Fangeaux--hails from the New Orleans area, mid-30s, tall, blond and could pass for a Victoria's Secret model, until she opens her mouth. Strong yat accent belies her brains--she's a whiz with computers, something Beers is decidedly not. Sells jewelry on the 5th floor of La Scala. 
  • Tina McEntire--30ish, works the cosmetics counter on the 1st floor. Tina is finely attuned to the word on the street; she learns a lot from office gossip. She also hangs out with cops and could envision herself on patrol.
  • Freddie Skelton--sportswriter for the MInnesota Herald and Beers' best friend. Envisions himself as a ladies' man and, to use a sports metaphor, is constantly "playing the field." Beers thinks he's a bit of a screwup and was conspicuously absent when common sense was handed out.
  • Joseph Terrazzo--Joe T to you, please. Cousin of the owner of La Scala, Johnny Scalabrino. He's Johnny's right-hand man for whatever business the boss has to conduct.
  • Johnny Scalabrino--owner of the La Scala department store chain. Lives in a mansion off the parkway south of downtown. Rumored to be mob-connected, but nothing substantiated. Always carries a putter, although he doesn't play golf.