PM LaRose

  • Lena's yat lingo is based on  a couple of relatives. Yes, I have a relative called "Jawn."

  • Freddie is a construct of a warped imagination and observations of sports reporters over a lifetime in the news business.

  • The Crater is roughly reminiscent of a bar I used to frequent after hours of toil at the office. It was across the street from my workplace.

  • I have never worked in a retail establishment, other than a fast-food joint. The business of department store commerce is a complete fabrication.

  • Temperatures/wind chills are not accurate for the dates given, but I bet they're pretty close.

  • Basing the story 15 years in the past is tricky. At some point, if the series lasts long enough, Beers may get an iPhone. But I doubt it.

First Case of Beers -- odds & ends