PM LaRose

Work in progress

The major work of revising Bet on Beers to get it into final form is under way. My editor at Forty Press and I are taking a machete to the manuscript to hack through the weeds to find the flower hiding within. My Fourth of July was a working holiday and the rest of the month looks busy as well.

The aim is to get it out the door in time for the Louisiana Book Festival at the State Capitol on Oct. 29. I have been invited to sit on a panel and discuss my new novel, assuming it's ready in time. I'll have more details as the festival approaches.

With the help of his unofficial assistants -- Tina in cosmetics and Lena in jewelry, along with his best bud, Freddie -- Beers stumbles his way to a solution and saves the shopping season before someone gets really hurt.

First Case of Beers is just the beginning of this series. In the next episode, Beers heads to Las Vegas to attempt to recover an artifact stolen from his boss, Johnny Scalabrino, the owner of the La Scala department store chain. His task gets more complicated, and much more dangerous, in the gambling capital.

First Case of Beers from Forty Pressis the debut novel starring Jim "Beers" Biersovich.

The story takes place in 1999 in a department store in downtown Minneapolis. Beers is a former sportswriter who hit 40, suffered a midlife crisis and took a job as head of store security. He is uniquely unqualified for the position.

Additionally, during the Christmas season he has been drafted to play Santa until the store finds a new jolly fat man. When things start going wrong in the store -- pranks, vandalism and even endangerment of customers -- Beers has to nail the culprit without getting the police involved.