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Bet on Beers finds the amateur detective and his crew of bumbling assistants in Las Vegas, where Beers has been dispatched to recover priceless artifacts by La Scala owner Johnny Scalabrino.

In this case, a jade bathtub has gone missing. The mission seems impossible but Beers is prodded to carry on.

This case presents a more hazardous investigation for Beers and his gang. When the body count starts rising, Beers begins to question his career path. The long list of suspects and complexity of the mission push the team to the limit in their quest to find the culprits. As in the first novel, Beers' knowledge of rock 'n' roll helps him discover a musical solution to the puzzle.

Planning #6

Yes, believe it or not, I'm in the planning stages for story #6 in the Beers saga. The 3rd, 4th and 5th installments have been written and await publication. 

The location will be new. Unlike some series that always take place in the same place, mine moves around. First in Minneapolis, then in Las Vegas. Story number 3 goes back to Minneapolis but the fourth is overseas. Number 5 is a return to Minneapolis once again, but the sixth will be in another new location. I'll reveal more as events warrant.

I've had a number of book signing events that were a blast. You can check them out on the Photos page.

My former colleagues Ted Griggs of the Baton Rouge Advocate and Mary Ann Grossmann of the Pioneer Press reviewed Bet on Beers for their respective publications. Here's a link to the reviews: Bet on Beers

With the help of his unofficial assistants -- Tina in cosmetics and Lena in jewelry, along with his best bud, Freddie -- Beers stumbles his way to a solution and saves the shopping season before someone gets really hurt.

First Case of Beers from Forty Press was the debut novel starring Jim "Beers" Biersovich.

The story takes place in 1999 in a department store in downtown Minneapolis. Beers is a former sportswriter who hit 40, suffered a midlife crisis and took a job as head of store security. He is uniquely unqualified for the position.

Additionally, during the Christmas season he has been drafted to play Santa until the store finds a new jolly fat man. When things start going wrong in the store -- pranks, vandalism and even endangerment of customers -- Beers has to nail the culprit without getting the police involved.